Exporting Grades to a Spreadsheet

You can export your students’ grades from a course to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will list the students names, a grade for each quiz, and an overall grade. It will give you a grade both as a percentage, and a letter grade (A, B, C) 1. Click on Export In the right-hand side bar you […]

Individual Student Reports

1. Click on User Report To see individual reports for your students click on ‘User report’ in the right-hand side bar. 2 Select Student Use the drop-down menus to select the student you would like to view. 3 Individual Grades You will see an individual report for that student with all of the topics and […]

How do I see students’ grades across multiple courses?

1. Select Your Class If you have multiple classes under your account, you will firstly need to select the class you want to view. Click on ‘Grader report’ in the right-hand side bar and select your class from the dropdown menu. 2. Click on Multi Grader Report Next click on ‘Multi grader report’ in the […]

Viewing Grade History

1. Click on Grade History Click on ‘Grade history’ in the right hand side bar. From here you can find the grade history of your students. You can search by specific grade items/activities, student name, and date range. 2. Download to Spreadsheet You can download this information to a spreadsheet.

Viewing Students’ Grades and Quiz Attempts

You can see all of your students grades in a course or grade and export them to a spreadsheet. 1. Click on Grades Click on ‘Grades’ in the right-hand side bar. 2. Completed Topics You will see a list of your students in a spreadsheet type layout with the grades they have achieved for each […]

What Activities Have my Students Completed?

To see a spreadsheet view of what all of your students have completed in a grade or course you can use the activity completion report. 1. Reports Click on ‘reports’ in the right-hand side bar, and then click on ‘Activity completion’. 2 Completed Topics This shows you a list of your students (again choose the […]