Are there discounts for schools?

We do offer academic pricing for schools, universities, music studios and music teachers. You can request our academic pricing here, or for a quote please email us at

I am a school, how do I pay?

If you are an academic institution doing a bulk enrolment we will invoice the school, studio, or university directly. You can then pay by credit card, direct deposit to our New Zealand or Australian b...

How do I sign up multiple students?

If you would like to sign up multiple students please contact us directly and we will organise it for you. We will then invoice you, or the academic institution directly.

Can I see and print reports?

Yes! We have an option to view and to print individual student reports as well as to download all of your students grades as a spreadsheet.

Can I see how my students are progressing?

Yes! We have progress tracking so that you can see in each grade what your students have attempted and completed. This let’s you know where they are excelling and where they might need extra hel...

Can a school have multiple teachers accounts?

Yes! We can provide as many as you need for your school. We can separate the students into their classes and group them under there teacher so that each teacher can easily see their students. If you a...

How do I use my teachers account?

Search this site for help on using your Music Ecademy account. You can find articles about the teacher account to help you use the features. We also have some instructional videos. If you need any mor...

How much does a teachers account cost?

Absolutely nothing! Teachers accounts are free with student sign-ups. This means you will be able to see what your students are learning and how they are progressing.

How do I sign up my students?

For schools: the easiest way is to get in touch with us! All you need to do is fill in our order form (via email), or send us through your class lists. We organise and set up the number of accounts t...